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Private Airplane Tours


  • Personal pilot and guide in a private airplane

  • Low altitude flight, allowing for perfect sightseeing

  • Various tour itineraries to choose from

  • Enjoy the city, historic places, as well as the countryside

  • Flight at an altitude equal to the height of a skyscraper

  • Chance to take control under supervision


Seeing the city and the countryside from the air is a whole new experience! The beauty of the landscape, the historic foundation of the city, as well as the surrounding towns are waiting for you to be witnessed in bird’s eye view, from above.. Whether it is a touristic visit, or a proposal event; a private airplane tour is ideal to mark the special occasion and create memories. Enjoy the city and the surrounding area from an altitude of 600 meters, a similar view to that of a skyscraper. If flying is your dream, you will even get a chance to take controls for a few moments under supervision of our pilots.


Basics of Flight

84 EUR

Short Excursion - Basic Tour

168 EUR

Advanced Excursion - Detailed Tour

252 EUR

Tours in Ukraine


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