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Mercedes S63 W221 (white)


Price : 26.00 EUR

Minimum order: 78 EUR (delivery + 2 hours)

Per hour: 26 EUR

Transfer to the airport : 78 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.70 EUR / km


When there is a need for renting a car with quality of S-Class, you can safely choose a recognized Mercedes S63 W221. This model has a rear-wheel drive and a powerful 8-cylinder engine with a volume of 6.2 liters, which will provide you with 525 horsepower. Solid white car will integrate harmoniously with the celebrations and business travel.




Length: 5226 mm

Width: 2120 mm

Height: 1485 mm

Wheelbase: 3165

Rear track : 1606 mm

Front track : 1600 mm

Weight : 2115 kg


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