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Volkswagen Jetta Highline 2016


Price : 11.00 EUR

Minimum order: 33 EUR (delivery + 2 hours)

Per hour: 11 EUR

Transfer to the airport: 33 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.35 EUR / km

Looking for an economic option with the luxury feel? A budget friendly car that will also provide you with all the benefits and comfort of an upscale sedan? We have the perfect option for you, the Volkswagen Jetta Highline 2016! This brand new car with the "Highline" interior; having part leather fittings and seats with the most elegant of touches and safety systems also boasts the most economic diesel engine built to date, one that will allow you to have the most exquisite experience while avoiding the monetary burden of renting a premium sedan that has an engine with high fuel consumption.




Wheelbase: 2775 mm

Length: 4815 mm

Width: 1820 mm

Height: 1480 mm

Front track: 1575 mm

Rear track: 1565 mm

Ground clearance: 160 mm


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