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Bentley Continental GTC (white)

Price: 90.00 EUR

Minimum order: 270 EUR (delivery + 2 hours)

Per hour : 90 EUR

Transfer to the airport : 270 EUR​

Over Ukraine : 1.25 EUR / km


Bentley, a choice for connoisseurs and addicts of elite luxury cars. Admiring glances will not leave this masterpiece of the British car industry unheeded. A sophisticated addition to the external gloss, Bentley hits performance in 575 horsepower, which will accompany a 6 liter, 12-cylinder V-engine. It is quite necessary to describe this as a truly royal saloon car, made in white leather, and impressive dimensions of the car allows even very tall people to feel free and relaxed at the front and rear seats.




Length: 4804 mm

Width: 2102 mm

Height: 1390 mm

Wheelbase: 2745 mm

Rear track : 1607 mm

Front track : 1623 mm

Weight : 2350 kg


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