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In our fleet you can only find the most well maintained cars of different classes. There is a car for every taste, including luxury choices as well as economic options. Let it be an executive van or a premium class sedan, you will easily find what you desire, among our vast fleet of carefully selected vehicles.
Luxury Class


Only the most exquisite and luxurious cars belong to this class. The choice of connoisseurs, luxury class cars are the pinnacle of chauffeured transportation. A choice that will ensure you to have the best possible experience and feel like a true VIP guest. Not only will you get the most deluxe experience, you will also have it for the the most reasonable prices in the market.


Premium Class


The name speaks for itself, premium class vehicles are the definition of first class in the world of luxury ground transportation. This first class choice will guarantee a true luxury experience wherever you go. When topped with our inclusive concierge service, this class sets a bar that is very hard to reach not only in Ukraine, but anywhere in the world.


Business Class


Cars in this category set the standard for business travel. Whether it is for a business trip or for personal use, business class ground transportation will ensure you travel in style. It is one of the most sought after class throughout the world, which is no surprise since luxurious cars in this category are also quoted at fairly economic prices.


Comfort Class


Do not let its name deceive you. We only offer the most well maintained luxury class cars in this category. Normally classified as luxury in the leasing market, these cars will provide you an excellent economic option for your chauffeur driven experience. Our professional, attentive drivers will make sure you have the best experience during your stay.




Sport utility vehicles have always been a favorite among car owners. Large interior, high off the ground, excellent suspension; these three reasons alone prove why it holds up for its name. Let it be a luxurious urban vehicle or a true offroad terrain vehicle, this choice will never let you down. We offer a variety of vehicles to choose from, suitable for every need.


Executive Vans


Business vans are probably the biggest change the chauffeur driven world saw during the last couple of decades. Popular among celebrities and executives, these luxury vans are the new symbol for luxury ground transportation in the world. Large, spacious and comfortable, these multipurpose vehicles combine efficiency with luxury everywhere you go.

Minibuses and Buses


There is always the need to carry a lot of passengers. However how you carry them will be the question; a basic shuttle or a special luxury service that pays attention to client needs. No matter the choice, you will always receive the top level service provided by our attentive team of drivers, concierge and representatives. They will assure an unforgettable experience.




The stretch limousine has always been the icon of luxury ground transportation. No other vehicle can match what a limousine has got to offer. Your own private bar, spacious lounge, surround music system, different levels of lighting for ambiance and many other amenities make sure you create your own world isolated from the outside.


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