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It is our company policy to offer our guests services as personalized as possible. Therefore we prefer not to limit our services range to preprogrammed packages. However for quick reference to possible services and brainstorming, please refer to the following packages formed by our team.
Private Airport Transfers                                      from 27 eur


What else can be better than a warm welcome to a country you are going for the first time? Your personal chauffeur waiting for you right outside passport control, with your name on a sign plate, ready to take your luggage and transport you to your destination in the city. If you book your transfers with us you only get the best well maintained cars and professional chauffeurs.


Airport Luxury Transfers                                     from 42 eur


This class takes airport transfers to a whole new level. Your luxury car of your choosing waiting for you right outside the gates, being welcomed like a celebrity, every little detail, need and request taken into consideration, your attentive chauffeur will make sure you have the best introduction when being welcomed to Ukraine; you will not regret it.


Airport Limousine Transfers                               from 78 eur


Stretch limousines are the pinnacle of luxury transportation. Imagine your personal limousine waiting for you, with your desired luxuries and services inside, ready to take you to your desired destination. Just relax, listen to your favorite tunes on your personal surround system, while taking a sip from your drink, forgetting the stress of the flight, while reaching your destination.


Intercity Transfers                                                    from 46 eur


When you need to travel from one city to another, or simply want to travel all around Ukraine, comfort is very important. Having your personal chauffeur and a comfortable luxury car is a saving grace in such situations. We provide transfers and luxury ground transportation to all corners of Ukraine, and by taking all the benefits of our service with you, as long as you want.


Private Guided Tours                                               from 60 eur


Having your personal your guide is a completely different experience than joining a group tour on a bus. Your personal tour guide will design a tour completely based on your wishes and criteria, and you will have the best possible experience in a country you are visiting for the first time. Your fluent tour guide, of the desired language, will make sure you have the best of time.


Sightseeing Tours                                                        from 33 eur


Sightseeing tours are a must when visiting a new country. It allows you to have the most comprehensive perspective of the surrounding area, whilst visiting the city. Whether on a car, a yacht, or and airplane, having a personal tour guide while enjoying the city’s panoramic views is a once in a lifetime experience, make sure you have your camera with you!

Aerial Sightseeing Tours                                         from 84 eur


Seeing the city and the countryside from the air is a whole new experience. Doing that in your own personal aircraft is a totally different ball game. Whether you want it for a sightseeing tour or a special occasion, such as a proposal, being high above in the clouds will be an unforgettable experience. You can even have a personal tour guide join you for a bird's eye view guided tour.

Boat Charters                                                              from 22 eur


The Dnieper River is a very special place for many; it is almost like the sea in some cases. Having a cruise on its tranquil waters, enjoying its beaches, or a picnic on its sandy banks and islands is a peaceful choice for both locals and visitors for any weekend getaway. Choose the boat or yacht of your liking and sail to a day of memories with your friends, family, or colleagues.


Translation and Interpretation Service              from 12 eur


A totally new country and a totally new language? Not a problem at all, when you have your personal translator with you to translate and interpret along the way. Whether it is a business trip or a personal vacation, our translators will make you feel at home in your mother tongue! During all your transactions, your personal translator will be with you every step of the way.


Nightlife Tours                                                             from 33 eur


Nighttime in Kiev is a whole different world; a city that takes full advantage of its scenic beauty at night.. With its lighted building exteriors, amazing clubs and well-dressed residents, Kiev is a true party town! Our team will book the best booths and tables at the most hip and in clubs in town, and you will have a night of a lifetime, worth remembering until your next visit.


Night on the Town with a Limousine                    from 72 eur


A luxurious stretch limousine takes the night experience to a whole new level. Your personal bar, disco lights, music, and add your friends to the mix; you get the best clubbing experience ever! Pub crawling has never been so luxurious yet comfortable.. Begin your night with delicious food at a fine restaurant, and continue on to the dream night in the party town of Europe!


Luxury Dinner Transfers                                      from 33 eur


Culinary world is fast growing around the world. It is no longer a matter of just eating, but a complete experience in its own right. When visiting a new country and learning about its culture and cuisine, having this complete experience is crucial. Thus your culinary experience begins once you step outside your hotel or apartment, with your luxury car waiting for you outside!


Wedding Transportation and Support               from 60 eur


Your wedding day, arguably the most special day in your life. It needs to be perfect.. In every aspect, in every little detail, it needs to be flawless, so you can enjoy your once in a lifetime experience without any concerns that may pull your attention to other things. Our company will make sure you remember this day for the rest of your lives, as a picture perfect day in your life.


Corporate Events and Business Travel             from 48 eur


Each day, our world is becoming more globalized. In the business world, this effect is even more pronounced. Whether you are a local company, or visiting from elsewhere for your business endeavors, a flawless organization and logistics is what you seek. Our operations and concierge teams will secure a sound trip and perfect management for your event.


Concierge Service                                                              inclusive


Our concierge service is inclusive to all our clients. Once you book any of our services, concierge service is included. Our concierge team will make sure you have the best of time during your stay, and take your mind off the details of organization, such as reservations at clubs and restaurants, bookings, personal needs and requests, so that you just sit back enjoy your time.

Luxury Apartment Rental                                    from 82 eur


Accommodation is the main priority when traveling to a new country. Hotels and daily rented luxury apartments offer the best comfort and luxury. As part of our luxury lifestyle management services, we offer our guests luxury apartments to choose from, if they would like to rent an apartment during their stay. All of these are apartments are new and very well maintained.


Birthday Party Transfers and Support            from 48 eur


Every year we celebrate the first day of our lives, the reason of our being. What else can be a better reason to spoil ourselves a little bit? This once a year occasion is an ideal time to indulge yourself in luxuries and special attention; hire a limousine or luxury car to begin your special day with comfort and pleasure, an amazing day awaits you to be lived to the fullest!


Graduation and Prom                                               from 60 eur


In a young person’s life, graduation and prom is the most special day to date, the first milestone in their lives. This is why it needs to be marked with a special occasion. This significant day needs special attention and thinking, therefore a memorable organization is the best choice, and renting a luxury car or limousine to take you to your prom or graduation is the icing on the cake!


Wedding Proposal Events                                       from 36 eur


Proposing to the person you love is a very precious moment. Immeasurable amounts of time and thinking are put into the planning process. Hiring a beautiful luxury car, a boat or an airplane, is an exceptional way to propose to the love of your life! Share breathtaking moments, and propose to them in the most unexpected timing and manner, a day both of you will never forget..


Personal Protection Service                                   from 24 eur


Security is a necessary element in our lives, and in certain occasions personal protection and bodyguard services are a must to ensure your safety. Our professional close protection personnel are exclusively trained for such occasions. They will make sure you have the most tranquil time during your endeavors, and free you from the time and effort of thinking about your safety.


Custom Programs                                                      custom price


Your wishes and ideas are very important to us. Therefore it is our primary goal to make these ideas and thoughts come true. This is why our motto is “You imagine, we provide”. Lets combine your imagination and the strengths of our operations and concierge teams to deliver you the dream holiday you always wanted. Possibilities are endless.


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