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Aerial Sightseeing Tours

Aerial sightseeing tours are unique in that they allow you to experience the location from a perspective that no other sightseeing tour can offer. Whether with a private airplane, a helicopter, or a hot air balloon, these sightseeing tours will create memories that will last a lifetime.
Private Airplane Tours                                           from 84 eur


Seeing the city and the countryside from the air is a whole new experience! The beauty of the landscape, the historic foundation of the city, as well as surrounding towns are waiting for you to be witnessed in bird’s eye view, from above.. Whether it is a touristic visit, or a proposal event; a private airplane tour is ideal to mark the special occasion and create memories.


Hot Air Balloon Ride                                            from 90 eur


Hot air balloons are graceful and tranquil, an ideal way to enjoy the surroundings. Whether you are new to Kiev, or a resident for life, after seeing it from above you will feel like you never knew this city before.. You want a tour guide to join you on your ride or want to propose to your loved one in a heart shaped balloon? Your custom program is all up to you!


Helicopter Tours


Taking a helicopter tour is an iconic way to discover the city you are visiting. This versatile and unique aircraft allows you to see the vicinity like never before. Taking an aerial  sightseeing tour is a perfect way to begin a journey to a city you are going for the first time. Aerial tours can not be compared to any other sightseeing tour, and are unparalleled among others.


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