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Hot Air Balloon Rides


  • Instructions and safety briefing

  • Parking for vehicles

  • Transfer to the place of start after tour

  • Accomodation at the airbase "Mongolfier" - café, museum, commodities

  • Free of charge Wi-fi at the base and during flight

  • The ceremony of dedication of becoming an airship pilot

  • Awarding of the title of nobility

  • Memorable diploma, champagne


Hot air balloons are graceful and tranquil, an ideal way to enjoy the city and surrounding area. Whether you are new to Kiev, or a resident for life, after seeing it from above you will feel like you never knew this city before.. It will be a completely new perspective.. You want a tour guide to join you on your ride or want to propose to your loved one in a heart shaped balloon? Your custom program is all up to you! It is your flight, you call the shots, for an experience of a lifetime.. Please contact our team for details and questions.


Join a Group Flight - 1 Person

90 EUR

Workshop - Become a Pilot

130 EUR

Flight on the Outskirts of Kiev

255 EUR

Tethered Flight Over Kiev - One Hour

255 EUR

Flight with a Heart Shaped Balloon

290 EUR

Flight Over the City of Kiev

530 EUR

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