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Chrysler 300 C


Price : 15.00 EUR

Minimum order: 45 EUR (delivery + 2 hours)

Per hour : 15 EUR

Transfer to the airport : 45 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.45 EUR / km​


American power and arresting design is merged into one luxury car named Chrysler 300 C. The white color more than solemn, but the appearance will not leave anyone indifferent. Chrysler 300 C is a perfect rental for weddings, birth days and other events. And its 17-inch wheels with a V8 engine and a 5.7 liter capacity, will carry you anywhere in Ukraine! In 2005, the Chrysler 300 was rightly recognized as the best luxury car. We are proud of our cars and meet your every order with impeccable attention.




Length: 5044 mm

Width : 1908 mm

Height: 1483 mm

Wheelbase: 3048 mm


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