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Mercedes E250 4matic 2014 (Avantgarde)


Price: 16.00 EUR

Minimum order: 48 EUR (delivery + 2 hours) 

Per hour: 16 EUR

Transfer to the airport: 48 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.45 EUR / km​


Mercedes has always been and remains the standard of refined and safe car. And we are pleased to provide our customers the newest best model of the German brand. One such model is the reliable Mercedes E250 W212. With a capacity of 204 horsepower, and an engine capacity of 2500 cubic centimeters, this car is a German classic. Front suspension provides you with comfort and peace of mind when driving even on Ukrainian roads. 4matic - a rare luxury seen in E Class, will ensure your safety in the harsh winter conditions in Ukraine. The one of a kind "Avantgarde" is presented in classic black.




Length: 4868 mm

Width: 1854 mm

Height: 1471 mm

Wheelbase: 2874 mm

Track front : 1585 mm

Track rear : 1604 mm


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