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Lincoln (black) - 8 Passengers


Price: 28.00 EUR


Minimum order: 84 EUR (delivery + 2 hours) 

Per hour: 28 EUR

Transfer to the airport: 84 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.70 EUR / km​


The stretch limousine - it has always been the icon of luxury and elegance. It is the pinnacle of luxury transporation and will always remain as a symbol of high class service and comfort. Let it be for a night on the town or for a special day, like a wedding or black-tie event; hiring a limousine will be the top and most comfortable choice of transporation. With your own private bar, music system and a truly spacious saloon area, enjoy the fruits of life; taking a sip from your drink and focusing on your special event or the night ahead.




Length: 9 meters

Capacity: 8 pax

Decoration: Dark with contrasting wooden furniture

Climate control, special lighting, TV, DVD, wooden bar, corner sofa


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