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Neoplan - 50 Passengers


Price: 23.00 EUR

Minimum order: 69 EUR (delivery + 2 hours) 

Per hour: 23 EUR

Transfer to the airport: 69 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.90 EUR / km​


Sometimes the need to carry a lot of people arises. Whether the need is for a corporate or special event, Setra will be a great solution to your transportation needs and carry up to 50 people to the desired destination. Now that your organization's transportation is secured, you can easily concentrate on other aspects of the event. Your corporate gathering, opening or special celebration will be in safe hands with our professional team of drivers and managers.




Wheelbase: 2850 mm

Length: 4890 mm

Width: 1941 mm

Height: 1849 mm

Weight: 2535 kg


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