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Porsche Cayenne


Price : 25.00 EUR

Minimum order: 75 EUR (delivery + 2 hours)

Per hour : 25 EUR

Transfer to the airport : 75 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.80 EUR / km​


Hard to imagine a more spectacular SUV than the crossover Porsche Cayenne. Feature of the model is a fully independent suspension and four-wheel drive, which will provide you with comfort on our roads and uneven terrain of Ukraine. We should also mention the unique design of Porsche, which is not be confused with other German brands. As a result, you get a sports utility vehicle of a world-famous brand of luxury cars at your full disposal. Order Porsche Cayenne with a professional driver, you can call our dispatchers at (093) 210 20 92




Length: 4782 mm

Width: 1928 mm

Height: 1699 mm

Weight: 2160-2945 kg


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