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Mercedes S350 W222 4matic 2016


Price: 40.00 EUR

Minimum order: 120 EUR (delivery + 2 hours) 

Per hour: 40 EUR

Transfer to the airport: 120 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.90 EUR / km


When renting a Mercedes S350 W222, you get not only an elite class car, but the newest and best of the S-Class cars ever built. This model impresses with its technical specifications and design. All the new amazing features of course come with the traditional Mercedes regal black color - which is considered as the standard of elegance. As for safety, this model is implemented with an asphalt marking tracking system. Effect is fully compensated and with a beautiful cruise control. In such a machine feel the power, comfort and safety.




Length: 5246 mm

Width: 1899 mm

Height: 1496 mm

Wheelbase: 3165 mm

Rear track : 1636 mm

Front track : 1623 mm

Weight : 1955 kg

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