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Mercedes S600 W221 (maroon)


Price: 21.00 EUR

Minimum order: 63 EUR (delivery + 2 hours) 

Per hour: 21 EUR

Transfer to the airport: 63 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.70 EUR / km​


When choosing luxury class car to rent, you can safe to order the Mercedes S600 W221. This modification combined the best achievements of the brand Mercedes. This model is one the most powerful in the fleet and S-Class, in fact with 517 horsepowers that not every car can provide. The car is equipped with five-speed transmission and advanced active safety technologies. Traditional German quality for our customers. Comes in with a rich maroon color.




Length: 5226 mm

Width: 2120 mm

Height: 1485 mm

Wheelbase: 3165

Rear track : 1606 mm

Front track : 1600 mm

Weight : 2115 kg


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