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Mercedes Vito 2014 - 7 Passengers


Price : 15.00 EUR

Minimum order: 45 EUR (delivery + 2 hours)

Per hour: 15 EUR

Transfer to the airport : 45 EUR

Over Ukraine: 0.45 EUR / km​


When planning to travel with friends, you should choose the right vehicle. After all, it is necessary for joint visits to be roomy, and most importantly, comfortable and safe. It is all of these qualities represented in the Mercedes Vito. By renting this vehicle with seating for 7 people, you can not enjoy your time. This car has a metal housing, the declared capacity 740 kg, excellent rear suspension and excellent soundproofing cabin. Mercedes Vito is remarkably suitable for family trips out of town, and for the fun of friends.




Wheelbase : 3000 mm

Length: 4660 mm

Width 1870 mm

Height: 1844 mm

Weight: 2070 kg


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